Hear more about our repairs project and climb the scaffold to meet the angels!

loking up at the roof with scaffolding

Registration in advance through our website is essential as numbers are strictly limited. All we ask is that you take lots of pictures and leave a donation toward the project.

Saturday 9th March – 10:30 or 1pm
Friday 15th March – 10:30 or 1pm
Saturday 16th March – 10:30 or 1pm
Saturday 23rd March – 10:30 or 1pm

Those wishing to tour the scaffold will have to declare their fitness to do so; the ascent involves a number of long ladders, so please don’t sign up if you know you’re not fit for the climb. The contractor and the Churchwardens reserve the right to refuse access on the basis of their judgement and visitors will be required to sign a disclaimer after taking part in a Health & Safety induction provided by our contractor.

To sign up for a hard hat day, click here and follow the instructions.

So much has happened in the last few weeks that it’s hard to know exactly where to begin! our contractors (GF Atthowe) took control of the building just after Christmas, and have been working at an impressive pace. Here is what has already been done.

Scaffolding high in the roof

An internal scaffold has been erected in the nave of the church. This includes a complete deck at the level of the roof angels. Using the scaffold, the clerestory windows have all been removed for repair and boarded up. Also making use of the scaffold have been our art conservators, who have been using the opportunity to do some analysis of the angels, wall paintings and roof timbers. They’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of what they’ve found, though urgent work has been identified to stabilise the medieval paintwork.

closeup angel

Outside the building, our new rainwater drainage system is coming along quickly. New soakaways and underground drainage is already in place on the north side of the building, with work underway to do the same on the south side. Next will come the new drainpipes. Drainage work is dirty and not very exciting, but for the first time in the life of the building, we will start to see the walls dry out!


Inside the building, work has begun on reordering the chancel space. The Victorian choir stalls have been removed and we await the next phase of work, which will see this space transformed for greater use by the congregation, especially in the winter months.

So it’s been a busy time, with much more to come. Check back for further updates.

The contractors have taken over and now we wait…